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A startup.  An established company. A company on the brink of bankruptcy. The possibility of success does not depend on the condition of the company alone, but on the person who leads it.  Undoubtedly, building a strong and prosperous startup is deemed as a challenge by most people. One must consider the global and local context, the requirements of the market, the originality and profitability of the product or service, amongst many other factors. That is the reason for entrepreneurs gaining such recognition worldwide. Deriving from the French word entreprendre, which can be translated as “to start doing something”, sex an entrepreneur is seen as a daring person who studied the market and discovered a gap in it. Countless famous examples represent this concept, due to their influence in the business world. In the following articles, there are trends and stories to be found. By revisiting the life journey of innovative and influential entrepreneurs, later on CEOs of their companies, it is possible to incorporate tips and lessons. Every businessperson, at a certain point in their lives, dedicates time to research and learn new strategies. Whether to focus on a new vision, or to rethink the company’s place in the community, it is essential to see a business from an outsider’s perspective.  The most famous entrepreneurs measure the effectiveness of their decisions not only by analyzing their company’s profitability, but also its general performance. Questions such as the mentioned below, according to trends in entrepreneurship, are useful for assessing it:

Is the company empowering?

The answer to this question tends to be part of the success stories told in our magazine. Today’s CEOs focus is on guaranteeing new opportunities for people who did not have them before. Some businesses are working on closing the gender gap, while others are creating work positions where there did not use to be. 

Is it environmentally friendly?

CEOs and influential entrepreneurs who focus on the sustainability of their businesses are famous not only for their profit, but also for their skills. It requires strategic and effective planning to modify decades of systematic neglect towards the planet. In these articles, there are collected stories that reflect the current challenge of thinking outside the box.

How effective is the leadership?

This is strongly connected to the first question. Innovative entrepreneurs reject the idea of an authoritarian boss, disconnected from its employees' needs, but also the idea of a pushover boss, who does not trust their own skills. As it is made clear in several stories, a good CEO and entrepreneur should find the required balance to effectively run a business.

Is technology being used to its full potential?

The 21st century introduced hundreds of technological advances, due to the skills and creativity of people who believed there was an alternative way of living. If entrepreneurs fail to include the latest technology trends in their strategic planning, it is possible they are not reaching their full potential.
Beating burnout

Beating Burnout

Heavy workloads and deadline pressures are a fact of managerial life. Who doesn’t feel overwhelmed or stretched thin sometimes? But...

Investing in creative potential

Investing in creative potential

Creativity doesn’t spark in a vacuum. Nurturing it with the right ingredients and trusting in the eventual payoff is what...

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